There's one big question that everyone's obsessed with right now

While we could walk around in circles discussing it for a few hours, our simple answer would be yes, for some people, and not for others

The university is a fantastic experience that can open so many doors for students, but that doesn't mean it's for everyone

We'll go through the pros and cons at the university, why you shouldn't let the student debt save you and what other options there

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Learning at a university is an amazing opportunity, and many students and alumni will tell you that this is the best decision they've ever made

But that does not mean that the university is for everyone, and because it is a great commitment of time and money, it's time to take the time to see if it's right for you

Many students are under pressure from parents, teachers, or even the media in general because they are still considered a "rule" after levels, so try to ask yourself these questions first

  • Where do you want to finish in 10 years?
  • Do you definitely need a degree to achieve this?
  • Are there any other alternatives that you might consider?
  • You found the right jacket/university?
  • If you're still on the fence about whether you're a good university, here's a list of pros and cons to generalize how the university can help you in the future, but also what you can cost you in the process

    The growing costs of the university all the time on the news, so you're going to be forgiven for thinking that you just can't afford to go to university -- I mean, who has 9250 pounds a year on spare?

    However, the university is much more accessible than you probably think. I'll smash the expenses and they'll be covered

    Our advice would not be focused on debt, but rather to think about what you will get to some extent in the long run

    If you don't get the university for you, don't panic! There are many other options, many students just don't know that they exist

    We'll take you through some common university alternatives

    Degree Pupils

    Pupils are a combination

    The courses are changing, but you will usually be

    You're gonna let him out

    The best part is, though you're gonna have to cover your own expenses, yours

    As a staff member, you will also receive typical employee benefits, such as pensions

    Usually, there are students

    The qualification was initiated only in 2015, so apprenticeship is not as widespread as other levels of apprenticeship. In the past, employers have offered "sponsored degrees", most of which have now become apprenticeship

    In contrast to typical university courses, you apply directly through the appropriate employer rather than in ECAS. However, UCAS has its own help

    Level of foundation

    In fact, the extent of the Fund

    Students can switch to full-time work after graduation, but many students prefer "at the top" to graduate with another year of study to turn it into an honorary degree

    You apply for a degree

    Note that the Foundation is not the same Foundation, which is a year of study at the beginning of the bachelor's degree to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to complete the course

    Higher apprenticeship

    Higher students are often referred to as interchangeable pupils, but they are actually two different qualifications

    While apprenticeship gives students a full bachelor's degree (level 6 or 7), higher apprenticeship will deliver you

    Even though you did not guarantee yourself a job at the end of this year, the statesmen announce it

    You can look for higher students

    Internships are short courses with experience

    Unlike the apprenticeship

    Use the government's official website to search

    Primary-level jobs are just what they say in the hard work for school leavers without the need for higher education

    Some might require

    There is no way to get a job to be a hunting-bulletin board, to use your contacts or


    Loans: 20th Century Fox

    If you want to start working as soon as possible, but you are fighting for the role of entry level, then some experience or an internship can be a great way to get the first step in the career ladder

    The white-space year is essentially an empty page so you can make what you want to do. They are usually associated with traveling in Southeast Asia, but you can spend a year

    People are often worried that taking a year might look bad at their CV, but as long as you do something productive with it, it's likely to have the opposite effect

    If you choose to travel, you will learn about other cultures

    I'm starting my business

    If you are a person who prefers to work independently and is full of creative ideas to make money, then creating your own business can become an alternative to university or full employment

    We've got a lot to do

    But you don't even have to install your own business to become self-employed. You can

    This requires a serious commitment and determination to make money in this way, and that, of course, will not happen overnight, but you never know-you could end up